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Elephant Camp

Elephant Camp at Iruttukanam is situated at only 000 meters from Mistletoe. This camp is a well maintained elephant rearing centre having more than 5 elephants including a tusker. Here one can participate in the elephant rides in the coffee and pepper plantation, duration of one ride is about 25 minutes. Guests can also get a close encounter with the elephants and its mannerisms and habits and interact with the mahouts (elephant trainers). However as a word of caution, the dos and don’ts at the camp has to be followed strictly for a safety and security purpose.

Spice Farm Walk and Interaction with villagers

At about a kilometer from Mistletoe an authentic multi-crop organic spice farm is situated where one can see, cocoa, coffee, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, Kokum etc grow in the natural environment. This is a less commercial farm where you could go for a small trek till the river. Visitors also can purchase organic spices at actual prices here. During and early morning walk, there are plenty of bird sightings available for avian lovers.

The Kallar River and Falls

The Kallar river that originates from the Letchmi hills of Munnar and makes its eventful journey to reach the Periyar river, is very near at one kilometer from the Mistletoe. There is a beautiful water fall cascade at a particular point where one can also have a dip in the water. It is indeed a photogenic spot. "Kallar" – literally means rock river because 90% of its journey the river flows over rocky surface only.

Sengulom lake and boating

This picturesque lake is located only 5 kms from Mistletoe, those who would like to do enjoy a quiet evening ride in the lake: options are pedal boat, speed boats and family size speed boats. The landscaped lawn is very photogenic and the near by trails and less crowded road is an ideal spot for sunset walk.

Hiking & Tekkings

The entire region of Munnar is full of surprises for a hiker and trekker in you! As the undulating landscapes of tea and spice plantations, shoal forests , steams and river, peaks and valleys offer a number of trails for short and long hikes from two hours to full day. appreciated activities when you stay at Mistletoe Home.

Letchmi Hill and Tea plantation Trek ( 3 hours to 6 hours)

The Letchmi hill in Munnar is one of the ideal destinations that serve as a year round magnet to the hikers. The trek will start around 08.30 am or 9 am at a height of 1420 meters MSL approx. Walk through the tea plantations for about 30 to 40 minutes and reach the hill top; rest of the trek will continue on the ridge, which offers beautiful views around, for couple of hours; covering the grasslands and rocky mountain slopes on one side and tea plantations on the other; vegetation patches of Shola forest and enrapture with the view of majestic Anaimudi, the highest peak in South India. It involves 30 minutes drive to the foot hills from Mistletoe.

Pettimudi Trek ( 2 hours)

This is a hike in the cardamom plantation and grass hills offering a 36degree view and it is only 10 minutes drive to reach the foot hills. The ideal time is in the afternoon as one will be able to witness the sunset.

Top Valley Trek (4 hours to 6 hours)

Top valley trek involves about 1hour 30 minutes drive from Mistletoe to reach the foot hills. And this trek covers tea plantations, shola forests, ridges, and grass land at altitude of 6500 MSL. During this trek you will be able to see several endemic flora and fauna, and endangered mammals and birds such as the Neelagiri marten, black languor, Kerala laughing thrush.

Martial Art and Kathakali dance

Punarjani Kathakali and Martial art centre is just 9 kms, only 15 minutes driving distance from Mistletoe. This is a hot spot for evening entertainment in Munnar. Ideally one should witness the facial make up and the ceremony of costumes of the Kathakali dancers and followed by the Kathakali performance This is dramatic dance of sign language and facial expressions accompanied by music. The martial art show is Kerala’s traditional Kalari which is considered to be the mother of all contemporary martial arts.

Baking and cooking

At Mistletoe as an optional activity you will be privileged to experience an initiation into the basics of baking in the traditional clay oven. And you could surprise your loved ones with recipes of some special ethnic dishes and delicacies. A prior intimation is required to conduct in these activities. It is usually done in the late afternoons. This is a participatory activity for couples and families to experience some moments of truth and cherish for long time!

Bird Watching & Bird Photography

The surroundings of Mistletoe is an ideal place for bird watching during the season from September to May. We have identified more than 30 species of birds in the vicinities. A trained bird watcher can casually sit in the balcony and spot a handful of birds in the early morning during sunrise. And the list include : Hill Myna, Ringed parakeets, 5 varieties of bulbuls, Orioles, Magpie robins, Malabar Whistling thrush, Grey hornbills, Sun birds, wagtails, Rufus and white bellied Tree pie , common babblers, scarlet minivets, wood Peckers, white Checked barbets, tailor bird, tickles flower peckers , white eyes, Leaf birds, Common starlings, Great Tit and many endemic species such as Scimitar babbler, Wood pigeon, black headed bulbul, Indian Black Eagles!

Anakkulam Elephant safari

Anakulam is situated in Mankulam forest division, west of of Letchmi hills, and about 25 kms from Mistletoe, ideal vehicle is a safari jeep or an MUV. However the road is very well paved too. In a particular spot in the river, where there are mineral springs, herds of elephants come down to drink the water from different regions, near and far. One could plan to leave for this trip before sunset, the safari covers, cardamom hills, tea plantations, bamboo grooves, rivers, pepper and coco plantation, rubber growing regions and finally at the elephant valley, where a tributary of Letchmi river makes her eventful journey to Periyar.

Basic yoga sessions

You are welcome to participate in the basic yoga sessions in the morning; a simple sun salutation ( Surya Namaskar) and pranayam would make a great difference to you. The guests are welcome to join for the yoga sessions and meditation as an option.

Toddy tapping walk

During the season from October to April toddy tapping walk in the morning is an optional activity, where one can experience how toddy is tapped from the palm and coconut trees. The interaction with the toddy tapper and seeing him with all his tapping tools is an interesting activity and the end you are encouraged to taste the fresh sap of sweet toddy too.

Cycling in Munnar

Cycling in Munnar is an interesting activity, especially in the early morning between 6 am to 10 am or in the late afternoon. A twelve kilometers biking from Munnar to Letchmi estate offers not only the images of picturesque landscape of the tea plantation but also it gives a feel of the life in the plantation. It could be a guided activity as an option with a service fee. A shorter track (six kms) in the less crowded area of Munnar by the lake could be also explored. Geared mountain bikes are recommended at a reasonable rent and needs to be collected and returned from Munnar town.

Charity visit

As an option our guests are encouraged to participate in charity visits to old age homes, and orphanages near by. The intention behind these visits are not for mere donation but it has more profound meaning of understanding the ethos of social fabric and it can also be considered as a process of healing for the mind, body and spirit. The visit is combined with short and unique treks, hikes and jeep rides in the sleepy spice villages.

Ayurveda Wellness Sessions

As you enjoy the beautiful landscape and natural surroundings that help rejuvenate and rewind, we recommend you some of these ayurveda therapeutic and wellness sessions! At present we have a unisex treatment room attached with bathroom and steam cabin. With prior consultation we could also plan and organize therapeutic specific purposes.