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Since it is strategically located at the gateway to Munnar, the climate is in tune with the climate in Munnar. Very moderate sunny days and cool evenings at an average of 18 – 22 degrees is another unique feature of the place. The months following the monsoon offers some exquisite views of the mist clad Lakchmi Hills and the several silvery streaks of water falls from the hills at a height of 5750 feet creates a vow feeling in every admirer. The shades of fog formations in the mornings especially when the sun peeps out from Chokkan Mudi peaks to give a warm kiss and caress to Lakhmi Hills is indeed a heavenly feeling. The evenings are misty and cool since the Mistletoe is situated at the Valley of the Lakchmi hills. It offers an ideal winter temperature for an international traveler where he/she feels comfortable both in the days for some nature walks and activities and to spend some quite and relaxing evenings. And for the relaxing travelers, the spacious and private balcony has a perennial breeze, sunlight and mesmerizing views to the spend days in the company of your favorite books.